The Strata serves as a homestead for a dichotomy of inhabitants: perches, who are passive, independent, and nomadic in nature, and hunters, who are built stronger, fiercer, with a higher population count, and a complex social network sorted rigidly by caste, the head of which make up the current ruling class.

When John Egbert carelessly treads the forbidden reaches of the Forest Floor, however, he finds that it shelters more than a few treacherous secrets about the place he was once proud to call home.

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After just shy of a year in development, we are proud to announce the first installment of Featherbent is finally here. This particular chapter is the first in a planned series of games, and will take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

Featherbent is a Homestuck AU that has evolved from the initial concept of a single collaborative fanfiction to a visual novel series, complete with illustrations, soundtrack, narration, and a full voice acting cast. A massive thanks to a spectacular cast and crew for their enthusiasm and hard workFor more information, please visit the main website.

And thanks to all of our followers for your support and your patience! We do hope you enjoy what we have in store.

Happy 4/13! 


(PS Liveblogging under the #featherbent tag is thoroughly encouraged.)

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